Five covers featuring First Lady of the United States, Edith K. Roosevelt (1861-1948); wife of Theodore Roosevelt. Autograph Envelope Franked "Free / Edith K Roosevelt" and addressed in her hand to the E. A. Keach Co in Danielson, CT. Postmarked Oyster Bay, NY, 1936. Postal cancellation over signature; First Lady of the United States, Grace Coolidge (1879-1957); wife of Calvin Coolidge. Typed Envelope Franked "Grace Coolidge," Northampton, MA, 1955. Cancellation over signature. Some foxing; First Lady of the United States, Lucretia Garfield (1832-1918); wife of James A Garfield. Mourning Cover Franked "Lucretia R. Garfield," Washington, DC. Address in another hand. Date stamp touches signature. Mrs. Garfield's care for her husband as he slowly died from complications after being shot by a crazed office-seeker earned the nation's sympathy, and when she was widowed, she mourned for years; First Lady of the United States, Frances Cleveland (1864-1947); second wife of President Grover Cleveland, she was many years his junior; noted for her beauty and bright personality. Franked Cover Signed "Frances F Cleveland Preston," Princeton, NJ, 3/27/1934, addressed in another hand to Willard L Dutton of Brooklyn, NY. Cancellation across signature, otherwise in fine condition; acting First Lady of the United States, Mary Lord Harrison (1858-1948); second wife of President Benjamin Harrison; though she married Harrison after his time as President, she had moved into the White House to assist his first wife - her aunt - when she became ill. Autograph Cover Franked "Mary Lord Harrison" NYC, 10/18/1946, and addressed in her hand to Frances Beebe, secretary of Elmira College; a lovely group of FLOTUS memorabilia.

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